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Counseling & Psychotherapy
Sand Play

The founder of Sandplay Therapy was a Swiss woman, Dora Kalff (1904-1990). The theoretical basis of Sandplay therapy includes Jungian Analysis and Margaret Lowenfeld's "The World Technique".


There are two sand boxes, dry and wet, and more than a thousand small figures in Sandplay room. Children or adults put the small figures into the sand box to create their world pictures. There is no age limit for receiving Sandplay therapy. The function of Sandplay therapy can inspire the development of creativity which is important in the growth process for children and adults. The world of Sandplay is an unconscious world. The sand box used by Sandplay therapy is a limited container and coupled with the presence of therapist, the free and protected space is created. The therapeutic goal of Sandplay therapy is the individuation in Jungian Analysis, and the process makes people be themselves.