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Welcome to our Mail Box. Our Center is committed to providing quality mental health education to the public. You may ask question about mental health problems here. Our consultants and professionals, including psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and psychological counselors will reply your question in due course. We may select your question and reply to publish in our newsletter for public education.
留言者: KM 留言日期: 2014-11-12 回覆日期: 2014-11-18
好辛苦 好大壓力
留言者: fish 留言日期: 2014-10-30 回覆日期: 2014-11-13
留言者: Katy 留言日期: 2014-09-22 回覆日期: 2014-09-30
留言者: thiona chan 留言日期: 2014-09-01 回覆日期: 2014-09-25
留言者: 戴小姐 留言日期: 2014-07-30 回覆日期: 2014-09-12
面對心理壓力, 真的好辛苦
留言者: kenneth cheung 留言日期: 2014-07-14 回覆日期: 2014-09-05
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  1. In order to keep confidential to the sender and suitable to the readers, the question may be screened, edited or amended before posting in our website.
  2. The replies of our professionals are only for psychoeducational purpose only, and cannot be used to replace formal assessment, interview or treatment. Our center will not be responsible to any loss or damage based on the replies in this mail box.